CYI (Christian Youths Incorporated), Trinidad & Tobago

CYI (Christian Youths Incorporated) began in November 1990 when five students from the San-Fernando Technical Institute’s Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship in Trinidad, all around the age of 17, decided to start a music group. The students shared common musical abilities and sought to serve God with what they did best. So, with an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, and three singers they set about practicing for the school's Christmas concert that would take place only one month away.

What followed that first ministering encounter was a commitment to continue practicing so they could sound better together as a group. They received their name Christian Youths Incorporated and began to attract the interest of other young people from various Full Gospel denominations. The group also adopted the motto "To Know Christ and then to make Him known" and ministered mainly in the South and Central regions of Trinidad for the special events of many churches, as well as at youth meetings, rallies and social gatherings.

Over the years, more than 30 youths have been active members of the group and many have left to pursue their own goals — work, studies, or ministry. Today, CYI is one of the oldest functioning Gospel bands in Trinidad & Tobago and its ministry has spread beyond the twin-island republic into the wider Caribbean, the USA and the United Kingdom. W ith a non-compromising, biblical and lyrical approach to music, the group hopes that their long-awaited CD entitled “See Why I Praise” which was launched in February 2010, will provide every listener with a sound Word even as it blends with the unique rhythms of Caribbean praise.

“It’s our prayer that this album will be a blessing to you and to those with whom you share it, both in good times and in times of tribulation”.