Linda "Chocolate" Berthier, St. Lucia

Linda 'Chocolate' Berthier is a Jazz/Reggae/Contemporary recording artiste, whose hit single "Feeling The Vibe" won the “Best Jazz Single Award” at the St. Lucia Music Awards. Her recent trip to the Caribbean Gospel festival in Martinique made her a new addition the ASAPH family of God in Paris.

Linda is a uniquely talented registered nurse and certified midwife, widely known for hitting the mic, executing accurate and spicy background vocals to various artistes such as Junior Tucker, Ron Kenoly, Sean Daniel, and Emrand Henry. She has graced the regional and international stages with artistes such as Deitrick Haddon, Donnie McClurkin, Helen Baylor, Chevelle Franklin, Isaac Blackman & the Love Circle, Papa San, DJ Nicholas, and Stichie, among others. She has also worked on a few collaborations with Manifest of the Bahamas, Que of Trinidad and Tobago, Emrand Henry, Shem Meluce, Special Blend and other Capilpso and Reggae artists in St. Lucia.

The avid traveller and Gospel music promoter has co-hosted the Caribbean Gospel Awards (Marlin Awards) in Bahamas live and on MTV Tempo with Jamie Thomas. She co-hosts the annual, world renowned St. Lucia Jazz and a weekly international radio show “The Caribbean Hour” with Jamaican radio host Arnold Kelly, which is heard on eight radio stations across the Caribbean and in Belize and Canada. Linda also hosts a weekly family Sunday television show "ActII" and debuted in her first local movie "Nana's Paradise".