Norwill Simmonds, Canada

The experience that is had when you listen to Norwill Simmonds sing is unlike any other you will have. “His ministry is neither act nor imitation; not a show, nor a spectacle, but the transformation of a song into a real, breathing pathway to God… Norwill is no ordinary vessel, but one ordained and used by the living God to bless His creatures” (Royson James, Ontario Highlights 2010).

Norwill Simmonds’ musical journey began at age nine when he entered a talent show at Salt Spring All Age School in Jamaica. The young songbird wowed the audience with his rendition of a well known reggae song. Norwill’s parents, not as impressed as that audience, made arrangements for his talent to be used at church. Hardly an eye in the little Salt Spring church remained dry by the time he crooned the final note of “I’m Building a Bridge.”

The purity and sincerity of Norwill’s musical presentations have a way of arresting the attention of his listeners. This unique ability resulted in his appearing as a guest artist on the televised services of The People’s Church in Toronto, Canada and later a job at the Cascade bar and grill at Doctors’ Cave Beach Hotel, SeaWind Beach Resort and the Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

After moving to Toronto, Canada in the late 1980’s, diversity continued to mark Norwill’s musical journey and he became involved in numerous musical projects. It was during these years that Norwill came to the undisputable conclusion that his special talent would be best used in the service of the Almighty God.

Whether it’s from the hills of Montego Bay, Jamaica, or the teeming cities of Toronto, Montreal and New Jersey, or the ocean shore of Pugwash, Nova Scotia, listen for the voice of Norwill Simmonds, raised in worship, and coming straight from his heart.