Prince's story began in 1986 when he was born into this world as Joel Prince in the tiny fishing village of Morne Diablo in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. He was exposed to music at a young age and quickly became enraptured with it.  He eventually became fascinated with music to the point of listening to songs over and over again while he tried to dissect the music and figure out what made each sound he was hearing. That is when he became interested in the things that make up music; what music is. 

At 15, he began a very controversial activity; DJ'ing edgy, gangster music at secular events and parties. Even though he was young, his talent was recognized locally and he became a crowd favorite.  It got to be so much of a thing that people would go to his parents house and ask if he could be allowed to come and DJ at an event.  His parents, being active in the church, would say no, so Joel (like most teenagers exploring their individuality which often manifests in the form of rebellion) would sneak out and play at the party anyway.

He made his first foray into gospel music when he finished school. He would DJ for gospel artists and at the Gospel Sunday event at the local skating rink. Jamie Thomas, a familiar name in the gospel radio arena in Trinidad and Tobago, became aware of him and hired him to do a gospel show on a secular radio station. However, he backslid after some time and went back to playing worldly music in clubs.

In 2007 he was injured in a bar-fight and was hospitalized for 7 days while he recovered. This was a turning-point for Joel, especially when he realized that the people who came to visit and check on him were not the ones he had been spending so much time with recently. Joel made a commitment to be done with that life and go back to gospel music.

Shortly thereafter he linked up with Garret (G Master) Greenidge and released “Victory”, “Country Christmas” and “Holy Fire” under the name J Prince. These 3 songs, written and sung by J Prince and produced by Garrett (G Master) Greenidge propelled J Prince away from DJ'ing and into singing. “Country Christmas” is so popular that even now, he must sing it in any shows he does around the Christmas Season.

Since then J Prince has worked with Caribbean gospel greats like Sherwin Gardner and Mark Mohr of Christafari. He has released singles and albums that have garnered much local and regional support and are regularly played on radio stations in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean.

However, with the release of his independent project, Unlimited, in February of 2014, his place as a respected gospel musician was solidified.  This album has set the foundation for J Prince's ministry. Unlimited caused waves internationally, and he credits this to the team he had surrounding him. Many people gave their input through ideas and opinions which helped him bring the best out of the music.

One of the things that J Prince has fallen in love with along the way is EDM dance music.  While each of his previous projects had at least one dance song on it, he decided to release more. He was apprehensive at the response but was surprised when he realized that everyone loved this new sound. He began performing regionally based on the success of Unlimited and committed to release more of his EDM songs. 

In fact, for Trinidad's Open House in 2015, he decided to go back to his first love and DJ instead of sing.  The gospel community was not aware of his talent in this area because he had stopped DJ'ing many years before.  In his 45-minute set he played all-new music and his performance put him on everyone's radar as a DJ and EDM musician. He gained a new-found popularity and many loved what he did and have asked for more.

In 2015 he met Roger Ryan of AfterTouch Music. After showing Roger his Open House Trinidad performance, Roger signed J Prince to AfterTouch Music as a recording artist. J Prince has since been working on his new album, Elementum. So far, three songs have been released, “In Control”, “Heavenly Road” and “Not a Slave” ft. Gitta Dan, which has a music video that has been nominated for Best Music Video of the Year by the 5th Annual International Christian Film Awards in Orlando, FL.

The most important thing to J Prince is to make music from the heart. J Prince doesn't want to make music for music's sake, “I try not to make music because I know, technical-ly, how to. I want to do it because I am inspired to [by the Holy Spirit]”